PT Cahaya Dhuha Utama



1 +Year
We have more than years of experience


PT Cahaya Dhuha Utama is an international private company engaged in the delivery of goods and heavy equipment by Sea, Air, and Land. Where we prioritize customer satisfaction and excellent service quality. It is our great hope that this company will be able to serve and make it easier for its customers in goods delivery and warehousing services with excellent, fast, precise, safe, and professional service levels with sincere and friendly service. With the support of human resources from various disciplines and experienced specialization backgrounds, we are ready to provide quality and efficient services at any time and we have the opportunity for cooperation in the future.

Company Motto​

  1. Serve customers in an integrated, fast and safe way to the destination.
  2. Customer satisfaction is the expectation and customer complaints are the motivation to improve

Company Vision

Promote and develop a cargo service company with reliable, reputable and trusted risk management by people throughout Indonesia.

Company Mission

  1. Providing transportation/deposit service products to all corners Indonesia by prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  2. Organizing business activities that create a work climate conducive for the corporate community to contribute maximally for growth and survival company.
  3. Running a cargo business or deposit service and risk management ethically to increase shareholder value maximum.
  4. Participate in national economic development efforts.
  5. Assist the government in improving the people’s economy by distribution of goods needed by the people to remote areas country at an affordable price.
  6. Try and work with passion, grow and develop with customers and increase capital for the benefit of shareholders.